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We Get Your Struggle

As certified Holistic Health & Wellness Consultants, we believe in root cause health.  We view the whole body, not just the symptoms because we understand the weight and frustration of not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why our mission is simple: to give our clients the wellness education, tools and resources that they need to feel and be the best they can be.  Helping them to be capable of managing life’s pressures.

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I started working with Deborah about 3 years ago.  She at the time was doing a 7 day sugar challenge.  I never realized how much sugar is in most of the foods we eat.  I thought I was eating healty but I learned I wasn't.  Next she suggested I do a detox.  I had done detoxes in the past, but never with food alone.  I was very resistant at first and was not used to shopping in the fresh food section of the store.  I gave Deborah a "hard time".  Once I started cooking and eating the foods, I found that I really enjoyed them.  I thought I couldnt make it without meat.  However, after doing several detoxes, I have come to love plant based eating.  Deborah has really helped me to learn about foods that didnt work for me.  I appreciate her kindness, patience but firmness in getting me to see the benefits of eating healthy.  I am truly grateful to have her in my life.

Jennifer J

Vera is a nice woman that reminds of the type of friend everyone needs in their life. Its fascinating how life experiences can influence health. I enjoyed my time and I look forward to learning and working with her more.

Update: 10/23

 I'm glad I took Vera's recommendation for the Reflexology. I usually have pain in my feet working long hours. After the foot massage I felt like I had new feet lol. In that moment I wish I could levitate. I noticed more of a difference the next day at work, felt like I had new insoles. My experience has been great no complaints.



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