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If ever in the Raleigh/Durham area, come relax your feet in my reflexology chair, to soothing warm water with Epsom salt and essential oils  Enjoy this spa like atmosphere while I listen to your concerns.


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My Story

My natural journey is not about weight loss but about taking control of my life.

After experiencing a traumatic set of events at a young age; I didn't realize how trauma can affect my body. My emotions were out of control, with panic attacks, anxiety disorders, stress, depression, eczema, stomach issues and weight gain. This sent me on an emotional roller coaster. Eating comfort foods I loved helped me to deal with my emotions. I loved those foods, but they didn’t love me. I went from a skinny little girl to 215 pounds later. I would eat and never feel satisfied. I felt stuck and confused. Something needed to change.

The "Eyes are the window to the Soul." The marking on the eyes shows why we are sick. Is it stress, foods or built-up toxins in the body? This has led my passion to teach, to coach, and to help family, friends and others who are ready to learn how to take control of their life making lifestyle changes to look and feel better inside. It has been a truly amazing journey!  I received my training, experience and guidance from a Holistic Practitioner, Naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, scientist, herbalists, nutritionists, cardiologists, pharmacists and the like.

  • As a Certified Sclerologist & Iridologist, I study the Sclera & Iris (Eyes) examining it to determine information about a person’s health.

  • As a Certified Emotional Consultant, I interview the client to help them understand and connect with their emotions using scanning systems.

  • As a Certified Reflexologist, I bring balance to the body thru the feet.

  • As a Certified Herbal Consultant, l am trained to support the body naturally using herbs, flower essences and essential oils. 

  • As a Trained Autism Consultant, I help children and parents work through their emotions.

  • As a Certified Health and Life Coach, I help you make lifestyle changes thru accountability.

This has inspired Vera to use this amazing gift of Holistic Health Care.

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